Monday, May 26, 2014

Los Angeles, California.

Felt like it was decades ago since i've blogged...this is a very overdue post but really feel like blogging about it because it was so muchhh fun! T_T 
I went to Los Angeles for my spring break vacation in March and it was AAAAMMMMAAAZZZIIINNNGGG!!!!!
Day 1: 
The famous Hollywood Walk of Fame :)
Charlie Chaplin... sigh, we didn't know we had to tip to take pictures with them.... note: whenever any of the characters approach you, try to ignore them, because they'll ask for money after taking pictures with them :O
 Marilyn Monroe!
 Michael Jackson.... hahaha this picture with him was free...just sayin' :P
 The Chinese Theater... also a cinema!
 we went to buy tickets for Ripley's believe it or not -_- nth much to do in Hollywood actually....
 tallest man in the world and me :)
 President Obama...
  Dinner during the first day, Johnny Rockets!!!!!

Day 2:

We headed to Universal Studios Hollywood on day 2 :) 

  weather was kinda gloomy in the morning, but got better in the noon!
we bought Front of Line passes, it was on promotion for 139usd. We don't have to queue for all the rides for the first time :)
typical tourist photo in front of USS globe!
  my fav part of the theme park was Studio tour! only available in USS Hollywood! 
everything was so realistic, but actually it's just a wall :O

Filming scene of Jurrasic park...

filming scene in one of Tom Cruise's movie...

filming scene of The Hunger Games!!!!!!!

 the cars used in Fast and Furious....
Houses in Desperate Housewives...
love the streets in Universal Studios :)

Krustyland, gotta love The Simpsons! ;)
 hahaha boyfie won a bart simpson for me! cuteness overload....!!!!!
 a photo with them! :)
Guru's house in despicable me!
 a photo with the minion, so cute!
UNICORRRRRRRN BAG!!!!! life is complete.
our lunch of the day in Jurrasic cafe, so full -_-
in America, everything is XXL including this turkey leg xD

the Jurrasic Park ride!!!! i loved it!!!! it was soooo nice!!!
the ride goes 45 degrees straight and... YOU WILL GET WET :(
 just like this.....
 pictures with some of the characters! i only know Frankenstein hahaha xD
Day 3:
 Venice Beach, just so you know, it's a very nice place for ootd pictures! hahahaha!
Rainbow shaved ice in Venice Beach.....
we went for a one day trip tour and they brought us to this shitty mountain to see the Hollywood sign.... -_- can't even see a single thing.... 
Rodeo drive, branded shopping area... 
 Rodeo drive during night time, so prettttyyyy!!!!!
Santa Monica Pier during the night... thank you Marcus for the ride! soaking my feet in the freezing sea water during midnight was the best feeling everrrrr! hahaha
Day 4: 
The Grove, a very beautiful shopping place :)
 brunch in The Grove!!!!! loved it so much <3 and then went back to San Francisco at night....

 that's all i guess! :D enjoyed my trip!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

10D9N Paris Trip : Day 7 - Day 9

Day 7: 
we went to Versailles to check out the hugeeeeeeeeeee palace! it was kinda boring because everything was refurbished... everything looks so new :( and it was an hour train ride from the city since it's at the outskirts...
weather was shitty that day... FREAKING 5 DEGREES! and all i have was my cotton cardigan! YAY
it's a 700 acres huge palace. what a waste of money. no more pictures for you :(
the palace was sooo huge we didn't have the chance to eat lunch outside.. had this for dessert... IT WAS SOOO GODAMN GOOD. probably the best pastry i had in Paris.... it's like everything in this pie was meant to be coated with caramel... sorry for the rantings but OMG
Day 8:
weather was beautiful! so happy to see the sun... so i nagged my mom to go Eiffel Tower with me again! FOR NIGHT VIEW! 
  momma always wanted to try the famous restaurant recommended by the guide book so here we are.... its quite pricey though!
ordered the foie gras salad and sandwiches since foie gras is really really expensive in Malaysia and i've never tried before wtf. didn't liked it anyway. hahahaa.
the waiter asked us if we wanted desserts and showed us this tray.... ooooooookay. stunned.
i chose the raspberry macaroon and momma chose strawberry tart!
went shopping the whole day and headed to Eiffel Tower around 6pm :) oh and this is in Hermes... a 3 floors Hermes. beat that. so beautiful@@
since Summer was near,the sun in Paris only sets at 10pm...we waited almost 4 hours for the night view and the temperature started dropping every hour... :/ mom was sneezing non-stop but i didn't feel anything -_-'' probably was too excited....
TA DAH.. this was around 9.45pm ....can you see how excited i was?!

10pm sharp... they have small small lightbulbs surrounding the whole tower blinking hahaha..but it was only for awhile :(
momma didn't wanna come at first because she finds it stupid just to go back for the night view =_=she took back all her words after seeing this.... really. hahaha
had bacon chips in the hotel room!!!! only 0.99 euros!!! so cheap!!! i loved it ;] HEHEHEHEHE
Day 9: 
another shopping day!!!!! a lot of food pics though hahaha....!Godiva strawberries!
this time with milk chocolate&nuts! but the strawberries were kinda small compared to the ones i previously ate......
 Laduree!!!!! last minute souvenir buys :P
bought a strawberry crepe kinda thing... i loved it! so creamy!

 lunch was great! my smoked salmon pizza....the amount of  smoked salmons they gave were incredible hahaha!

mommy's duck confit..
 the baked potatoes were deserves a picture of itself. SO SO SO SO SO GREAT.
walked around the streets looking for the oldest bakery shop in Paris named Stohrer...savoury pies... @@ they look like desserts to me wtf
 bought a strawberry tart there... so good!
Paris was so amazing :( kthxbai...