Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hokkaido 10D9N Trip : July 2014

wheeee! finally another blogpost about Japan! I went to Hokkaido last month in July, as usual, Japan was always amazing :D! just trying to record everything i did during travelling by writing down in this blog post! *hehe* 
Day 1: 
we arrived pretty late after a 9 hours flight (including transit in Korea), reached New Chitose Airport and had to rush for the local train to Lake Toya! 
me & mama's really really tired face upon arriving :(
first night's hotel! we got to stay in a tatami room! note: we changed to 5 different hotels during our stay in Hokkaido lol.
left the hotel and walked around the town, Lake Toya was really pretty! but it was around 7pm when i took this photo :(
first night's dinner was in the hotel, we were too exhausted to look for a good place to dine in T.T but surprisingly, for the price we paid (around RM70 per person), we had a feast ^_^!
changed to yukata for onsen at night!!!!! felt really good :P
Day 2: 
took a local public bus to Mount Utsu, for sightseeing! and we took a ropeway up to the mountain for a better view :)
 weather was really shitty that day, it drizzled non-stop! but still the view was really pretty! this was taken in the ropeway! 
after coming down the mountain, initially we decided to visit the bear farm... but then it rained again T^T here's a photo in front of the entrance! 
walked around and saw a stall selling Hokkaido melons! was really sweet and juicy!
and then i had Ishiya ice cream! Ishiya is a very very famous biscuit in Hokkaido, the ice cream was really smooth =P
Day 3:
we headed south to Hakodate city!!! i was really excited because they have the freshest seafood in Hokkaido :P for lunch we had sashimi don, one of my favorite in the whole trip! 

Hakodate's specialty- LIVE SQUID SASHIMI. the squid was literally still moving when served to our table. was quite disgusted so i requested to have it grilled, but kept the squid sashimi slices raw. IT WAS GOOOD. kinda cruel but it was really GOOOOOD! T_T 
we went to Hakodate tower after that, for the view of the amazing star garden! so pretty!!!
walked around the city and passed by this STRAWBERRY themed cafe. i almost fainted. T_T (benefits of not following a tour hehehe) bought their parfait for a try!!!! Hokkaido has really good milk ice creams :P
 Day 4: 
woke up early in the morning for the fish market right across our hotel! was packed with tourists T_T bought a packet of dried squid flakes.... freshly made in front of us! it was soooo good T_T 
 and we had Hokkaido's specialty also! WHITE CORN!!!! and what can i say more... IT WAS THE SWEETEST CORN EVER. it's supposed to be eaten raw as well :) secretly took a bite :X 
and more Hokkaido melon! this time the one we had were more expensive because it's better quality, well, you pay for what you get. this was one of the best melons we had in Hokkaido :O
then we went to the Bay area, there were lots and lots of souvenir shops there! I really really love that place because it reminds me of San Francisco so much!!!!!
even the road structures were the same like San Francisco OMGGGG. it was all mountain roads. 
ate the cutest dessert ever.... SOOO YUMMY!!!!! and momma's pumpkin cream(on the right) was REALLY REALLY GOOD as well!

during night time, we went up to Mount Hakodate for Hakodate's night view (ranked no.3 prettiest in the world).... so i was really really excited!!!!! another picture taken in the ropeway ^_^
 but then.... THE MIST CAME. so the whole plan  was ruined :O  really disappointed T_T
Day 5: 
left Hakodate and headed north to Asahikawa!!!!! spent half of the day in the train, finally arrived in the evening! a little bit of the dinner shot we had that day, bacon with asparagus!!!! :P yums!!!!!
 Day 6: 
it's LAVENDER FARM DAY!!!!! one of the main reason why we went to Hokkaido... for the LAVENDER SEASON!!!!! we took the lavender train(only available during summer) to the lavender was so stuffy T_T
 Happiness in life is simple <3
 Lavender flavored ice cream! :)
 lunch we had in the farm!!!! finally had curry rice!!!! it's all vegetarian and can i say something.....THEIR FRIED POTATO WAS SO DAMN GOOD!!!!!!

 we walked to another section of the farm and stumbled across a melon festival! only available in summer as well :) huge tummy in this picture, i blame on the wrong sitting posture wtf. 

finally had ice cream on top of a hokkaido melon! SO SO SO SO SO GOOOOD!
Day 7: 
we're heading to Hokkaido's largest city- Sapporo!!!!! but before heading to Sapporo, we went to Mount Daisetsuzan... for sightseeing again... one of Japan's largest national park!!!
love love love open air cable cars <3

then we took a train to Sapporo, we reached around 6pm! it was like a 2nd Tokyo.... the amount of people were crazy O_O we had dinner in the train station (also an underground shopping mall).... one of the best meals in my life.... THE UDON WAS THE BOMB. IT WAS SO GOOD AND CHEWY i don't know what else to describe. IT WAS DAMN GOOD.
 and for dessert we stumbled across this dessert shop.... and waffles are my favorite! :D
at night we took a subway to Susukino, something like Sapporo's ''Lan Kwai Fong'' area hahaha! keep in mind there were almost 1000+ restaurants located there as well!
Day 8:
we took the train to Otaru!!!!!! but the weather was SO SO SO SO SO bad, probably one of the worst days in Hokkaido. the rain did not stop. AND IT POURED!!!!!! how unlucky... all my pictures turns up to be me holding my pink umbrella T_T
managed to find the famous 7 layered ice cream though. super pretty huh? flavor consists of (from top) soda,strawberry,green tea,melon,milk,lavender&chocolate! tasted pretty good as well! and the rain stopped for awhile when i was eating the ice cream. seems like it's fated lol.
 Day 9:
last day in Hokkaido!!!! we went a little sightseeing and then souvenir shopping afterwards :) not much pictures because most of the day were spent on shopping lol! 
 but for dinner we had this amazing bowl of ramen! a perfect ending for the trip! <3

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

10D9N Paris Trip : Day 7 - Day 9

Day 7: 
we went to Versailles to check out the hugeeeeeeeeeee palace! it was kinda boring because everything was refurbished... everything looks so new :( and it was an hour train ride from the city since it's at the outskirts...
weather was shitty that day... FREAKING 5 DEGREES! and all i have was my cotton cardigan! YAY
it's a 700 acres huge palace. what a waste of money. no more pictures for you :(
the palace was sooo huge we didn't have the chance to eat lunch outside.. had this for dessert... IT WAS SOOO GODAMN GOOD. probably the best pastry i had in Paris.... it's like everything in this pie was meant to be coated with caramel... sorry for the rantings but OMG
Day 8:
weather was beautiful! so happy to see the sun... so i nagged my mom to go Eiffel Tower with me again! FOR NIGHT VIEW! 
  momma always wanted to try the famous restaurant recommended by the guide book so here we are.... its quite pricey though!
ordered the foie gras salad and sandwiches since foie gras is really really expensive in Malaysia and i've never tried before wtf. didn't liked it anyway. hahahaa.
the waiter asked us if we wanted desserts and showed us this tray.... ooooooookay. stunned.
i chose the raspberry macaroon and momma chose strawberry tart!
went shopping the whole day and headed to Eiffel Tower around 6pm :) oh and this is in Hermes... a 3 floors Hermes. beat that. so beautiful@@
since Summer was near,the sun in Paris only sets at 10pm...we waited almost 4 hours for the night view and the temperature started dropping every hour... :/ mom was sneezing non-stop but i didn't feel anything -_-'' probably was too excited....
TA DAH.. this was around 9.45pm ....can you see how excited i was?!

10pm sharp... they have small small lightbulbs surrounding the whole tower blinking hahaha..but it was only for awhile :(
momma didn't wanna come at first because she finds it stupid just to go back for the night view =_=she took back all her words after seeing this.... really. hahaha
had bacon chips in the hotel room!!!! only 0.99 euros!!! so cheap!!! i loved it ;] HEHEHEHEHE
Day 9: 
another shopping day!!!!! a lot of food pics though hahaha....!Godiva strawberries!
this time with milk chocolate&nuts! but the strawberries were kinda small compared to the ones i previously ate......
 Laduree!!!!! last minute souvenir buys :P
bought a strawberry crepe kinda thing... i loved it! so creamy!

 lunch was great! my smoked salmon pizza....the amount of  smoked salmons they gave were incredible hahaha!

mommy's duck confit..
 the baked potatoes were deserves a picture of itself. SO SO SO SO SO GREAT.
walked around the streets looking for the oldest bakery shop in Paris named Stohrer...savoury pies... @@ they look like desserts to me wtf
 bought a strawberry tart there... so good!
Paris was so amazing :( kthxbai...