Thursday, December 1, 2016

Seattle&Portland 7D6N Trip : November 2016

For thanksgiving break this year, we went to Seattle&Portland...! *fun*and (definitely a trip to remember).........
Day 1:
We took a flight to Seattle from SF, but ....before boarding, the flight got cancelled due to shitty weather... w....t...f...funny because the same LA flight just took off????!!!!! 
We couldn't do anything about it but to accept the fact(we get to request for a full refund or change our flight)...obviously we chose the latter... but here comes the worst part.....the line for the check-in kiosk was almost 2 HOURS LONG. (VIRGIN AMERICA PLEASE GET UR SHIT TOGETHER!!!)...
we managed to get a same day flight at 7PM with ALASKA airlines... from a 7am flight... we had no choice but to chill in downtown with the 12 hour break -_- arrived Seattle at 11pm...super pissed and speechless... 
Day 2:
We went to Pike Place market for sightseeing and food... omg definitely one of the best places in US...
we had a life changing sandwich... SALMON PATE from Piroshky. 
and a life changing yogurt... SO GOOD. SO GOOD.SO GOOD.
the infamous gum wall!!! disgustingly intriguing :p
we purposely went and buy gum for pictures *well prepared*and omg the amount of people asking me for
Gloomy Space Needle and me :)
 if you happen to be around the space needle area, drop by Chihully Garden of Glass! so worth the money!!! 
and omg something worth mentioning... we had some pretty legit malaysian food that night! sorry that most of the pictures were from my Snapchat lololol (@ohhyeahbabe << self promo lol)
chilli pan mee in US !!!it's not 100% similar but  i feel like it's almost there??? (maybe a 70% lol, but the fact that they serve chilli pan mee is good enough)
 this roti jala was amazing... tasted so authentic... p/s: the chef was an angmo lol

 Day 3:
we went for brunch at The London Plane... a florist+cafe hybrid, really pretty!
Sightseeing in University of Washington, real life Hogwarts :)
Kerry Park for full Seattle view since it was the only day with NO RAIN (yes, only day during our whole trip sob...)
Headed back to Pike place after for the salmon pate good we went back for a second time lololol
and tried Rachel's Ginger Beer...(rachel and rachel geddit geddit?) and some pretty bomb mac&cheese (not pictured)
went to Starbucks Reserve Roastery at night, amazing place if you love coffee...
Day 4:
Had an early breakfast in Odd Fellows before we took a 2 hour bus to Portland! 
arrived in Portland, had lunch and tried Blue Star Donuts! 

Day 5:
i was sooooo sick... came down with a sore throat and flu fml.... but still headed out lol 
we went to Ace Hotel Portland... such a cute hotel!!!
Vintage photobooth and cafe in a hotel... cute cute cute
tried Voodoo donuts! screw the sore throat pfft...i prefer Blue Star more even though Voodoo was soooo much cuter =p
Day 6: 
it was thankgiving and rained heavily so we stayed indoors the whole day :(

this pretty much sums up the whole trip, till next time, byeeee!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Taipei,Taiwan 5D4N Trip : June 2016

So, i'm back from SF for summer holidays again, and i went to Taiwan(specifically Taipei) with my parents this time around... 

Day 1: 
We arrived around 3pm-ish... checked in straight to our abnb... Our abnb was in Ximending, which made it really easy for us to look for food. :P 
First restaurant we went in...I was blown away by how fresh their sashimi were...

CAN WE TAKE A MINUTE TO APPRECIATE HOW FRESH EVERYTHING WERE? i don't even like tuna...but this was sooo gooood!
Bacon wrapped spring onions with mayo, not bad!
Finally got to try the famous 阿宗面线... no offense but it was the worst thing i have ever eaten in my life... what was the hype all about?
Day 2:
We booked a taxi to bring us around Jiufen,Shifen, and nearby places... 
Stopped by at a place called 阴阳海 for pictures... a family portrait!
And headed straight to Jiufen! this place reminded me so much of the movie Spirited Away...
Spirited Away level x100000...

阿甘姨芋圆... super refreshing for the weather!!! 
And then our last stop was Shifen... Shifen was a place where we get to write our wishes on sky lanterns and release it...writing my wishes on the sky lantern lol... 
Time to let go of our sky lantern...
We had dinner at a restaurant behind our abnb, recommended by our taxi driver...
 Something you couldn't find in Malaysia... i really really liked the mihun!

Day 3:
We went to Taipei 101! 
 a photo with the famous LOVE logo :)
 Don't think it was worth it to go all the way up the tower, since the view wasn't THAT fantastic... but it was my first time so...
 shopped around the mall since it was raining cats & dogs outside :( Finally tried out Agnes B. Cafe...! pricey & not worth the money!

Day 4:
Did some touristy stuff, visiting the palace musuem etcetc...(sorry no pictures)... 
But after we went to 新光三越to try out Pablo!!! didn't really know how i felt about it, i kinda liked it but i don't as well :/
The matcha cheese tart was pretty good tho! 
Before heading to the airport, we tried 牛店, quite a famous restaurant specializing in beef noodles... ummmm (super overrated), still prefer Malaysia's beef brisket noodles :/
that's about it! Byeeee! :)

Anaheim Disneyland & Los Angeles 4D3N trip: March 2016

Hello hello hello! This post is definitely long overdue but here it is... my trip to L.A&Anaheim during spring break! 
We took a bus from SF-LA, and then a train to Anaheim... the whole journey took us 8 hours! But it was worth it :)
Day 1: 
Most of the time were spent on the bus & train... but here's a picture from my Snapchat on how the train looks like (just in case you were wondering)...

Day 2:
TIME FOR DISNEYLAND!!! It was packed with people since it was spring break and all the rides had long lines T_T
I was considered really lucky because there wasn't a crowd in my picture... lol
Mad Hatter ride...
A photo with Chewie!!! the only character we took picture with... we looked like kids i can't...HAHAHA
 Star Wars Launch Bay... a must for every Star Wars fans!
 waited 90 minutes for Space Mountain... i didn't really enjoyed it :/
The famous Dole Whip in Disneyland... we waited 40 minutes for this... definitely not worth it at all... it tasted like canned pineapples made into an ice cream LOL
But turkey leg was AMAAAZING... i remember this being my favorite in Disney when i was a kid, and it still is!!!
The parade at night was so pretty, sadly the fireworks was cancelled due to strong wind sigh(luck)...

Day 3:
We left Anaheim and went to LA :( we reached LA around 2pm-ish, had lunch and went to Santa Monica Pier... it was my 2nd time there, still a waste of time i would say.
went back to downtown LA to try out Pressed Freeze by Pressed Juicery, it's basically fruit juices made into froyo form... YUMMMMMM!
This pretty sums up our entire trip! I would definitely be back!!! Byeeeee! :)